IstriaLux is an agency made up of people with vast experience in the field of tourism and great love for their region, which we want to present in an interesting and authentic way to our guests and future friends.
Our main business is to rent high quality holiday homes with a private pool.
The name IstriaLux came as a combination of two words, Istria – the region we love, and Lux (light and luxury), but not referring to something materially expensive, but a “luxurious” experience. In order to provide a unique experience for our guests, we select only the best that Istria has to offer, top facilities and excellent hosts, the best local offers and attractions, everything we enjoy. We especially love “hidden gems” and a personal approach that only locals can provide.
We deeply believe that such approach, consequently leads to better occupancy to the satisfaction of each renter.

Our idea is:

  • Travel with IstriaLux
    A selected team of experts is at service with only one goal, and that is to provide unforgettable vacation.
  • We reveal “hidden gems” for guests
    With IstriaLux the guests will discover the “hidden gems” of the destination at the best prices, which are arranged with our partners.
  • 5% discount on future visits
    All our guests receive a 5% discount for each future reservation with any villa in our portfolio in accordance with our slogan, “Come as guest, return as friend”.

Every trip is motivated by the desire for a unique experience, and we enjoy it the most when we meet the expectations of our guests. The experience where the host and guest establish a connection through exploration of the new area, is what fulfils both sides, and we are sure that this is the foundation of sustainable tourism. We personally stand behind each of our houses and hosts, recommended facilities and attractions, and guarantee top quality with our signature.